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aroma worship

cock sucker
cock control
cum whores
face sitting
foot worship
forced fem/bi
money slaves
nipple worship
oral worship
pantyhose sluts
slave stable
small cock club
strap-on play
toilet slaves



Drip, Drip, Drip. Are you here to be my toilet paper, or for consumption?

The Toilet Slave, forever begging to submit to his beautiful Mistress.  Hungry for all that is to come from her perfect mound. The ultimate offering. You will submit to my beauty. You shall lay under my perfect cunt ready to service me. I may coat you, spray you and soak you in my hot golden nectar. I shall straddle your face, hovering just above. The view will leave you in a state of anticipation with your cock throbbing and my slick lips parted, moist and looking incredibly delicious. I shall place these pouty lips directly upon your mouth, open wide Slave, this Mistress may have a treat for you.  Mmmm, beg to drink me, beg to be my little toilet slave. All color showers if need be my little whore. Slide your head down and between my crotch and open wide, slip your tongue deep inside me, feel the steaming hot flush of my sweet wet pussy gush into your mouth. You will serve me whenever I need. You will act as my ass wipe, I will no longer use toilet paper, as I will have you. Open wide slut, and thank me for your treat. I will use you as a party toilet!  Oh yes, for all my girlfriends, and who knows, maybe even other guests. You will exist only to serve me as I so command, as for this is what creates and fulfills the role of the Toilet Slave.