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aroma worship

cock sucker
cock control
cum whores
face sitting
foot worship
forced fem/bi
money slaves
nipple worship
oral worship
pantyhose sluts
slave stable
small cock club
strap-on play
toilet slaves



I am, as you can tell by now, completely into body worship. I demand full servicing.  Lick and worship my beautiful nipples. Beg to suckle upon my breasts.  Place your face in-between my womanly bosom, Little slave, in your birthday suit with your little penis throbbing.  Feel my warmth and the control I hold over you.  Worship at my full Beautiful breasts and release yourself to your Mistress.

A tittie fuck would be a dream come true to a slave like you. Ha! IF I ever let you, you can rest assure you'd be cleaning me up with your tongue!