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I know a little secret, I know you really want to suck, but you need a woman to make you do it!

I love cocks, dicks, penises. I love em soft and I love em hard. I like them dripping wet and squirtin fast. I like to tease, get it hard, rub it in your pants and make ya squirm in your seat. I like to wrap my fingers around a hot shaft and jerk it till it blows - drippin down my knuckles. Oooh, I do make all of that sound simply scrumptious, now don't I? I'm a thinkin you want some as well!

You know what else I like? I like to tell you how to suck! I'd like to watch YOU with your slutty little lips wrapped around a nice fat shaft, lickin and suckin it how I see fit! I want to stand there watching, directing.....enticing. I want you to submit to my cock sucking orders. I want you doing so to please me.......and most importantly, to turn me on, because I love watching my little sluts suck for me.

Maybe a trip to a glory hole is in order. Lets both wait by the hole, me in a hot outfit, you, well.....hmmm, you'll be naked! There'll be no hiding that hard-on when sucking dick for me! We'll wait for a nice one to slip on thru. First you'll take it in your hand and tease with your lips. Then you'll lick it for me, all around the head and up and down the shaft. After that I'll have you wrap your lips around that head and then slip it all the way in. I want it sloppy and spitty. I want your hand slipping up and down the shaft. Oh yeah, you'll learn how I like it sucked and how I want it done, and pleasing me is top on the list! You'll suck him till he squirts, and depending on my mood, you'll either take the full load in your mouth (and show me it), or you'll receive a hot cum facial. All depends on what I'm in the mood for, because after all, it's all about pleasing me.