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Right now, from this point forward I control the cock. You touch it too much anyway! Tonight you are mine. Tonight you shall do as I say. And tonight it is up to ME if I allow you to cum. You are my toy. My play thing. That piece of meat between your legs is mine as well! I own it, and I'll make you do things to it, things that I want you to do, and you'll do it, because I want it done. Is all of this understood? I do hope so. You have no say in this matter. I will tell you how to play with it.  I will tell you how to stroke it.  I will tell you what to think about. I am the one in control. I am holding COCK CONTROL over you. And I, if I want, will make this into an ORGASM DENIAL session if I choose to. You'll do whatever it is that I say because this is the ONLY thing in your life right now that you can let go of and have controlled by a beautiful woman such as myself. You crave to be controlled. You need to feel my strength, it is necessary in ending your weakness and bad daily masturbating habits.  It's scary how much I know, isn't it?